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Rodney Martin has gone beyond the pale, part 2

Published on December 19, 2013 by in Blog


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  1. Charles


    Stunning! Stellar! I really did expect Part II to be as good as Part I, and I was not disappointed (at all). Just superb fact-finding and analysis.

    Thanks for all your hard work here!

    You put a smile on my face with all of your comeback comments and questions to Rodney Martin and all his verbal chicanery. You gave him and/or his so-called “reply” the proverbial pie in the face all right!

  2. Thank you, Charles. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  3. Dietlef Busch

    Well done Carolyn! And we have your back ALL the way!!!!!

  4. Burt

    I enjoy hearing Rodney discuss the Third Reich, and I feel he has a real talent discussing that and related matters. But he is getting snagged on matters that could potentially be peripheral. It’s a lesson in staying focused, as well as under-promising and over-delivering. I hope he will go on being a contributor as best he is able. I would appreciate it if he would stop using a bizarre caricature of you on his site.

  5. Don

    To me the most interesting aspects of Carolyn’s Part 2 are the Skype chats with Rodney Martin’s plan to set up a 501(c) corporation and to acquire a building, computers, servers, etc., for the modest sum of $225,000. This sounds very ambitious and it is. But… once you have this building, equipment, insurance, maintenance, payroll, etc., expenses to meet every month, WHAT THEN?

    What then, I suspect, would be the endless solicitation of donations to keep this venture afloat, separate and apart from whether or not it would ever achieves anything worth doing except providing a livlihood for Martin.

    Does this business model sound familiar? It should….it’s the IHR’s business model.

    I don’t necessarily question Martin’s motives or intentions. He seems like a very enthusiastic kind of go-getter, but I think his business judgment is questionable. From where will come the income stream to maintain all this? He doesn’t say and I have never heard him address this issue. I don’t think there’s a sufficient market for tapes or transcripts of his NS broadcasts and monologues to generate any significant income.

    He seeks the protection from crushing lawsuits of the SPLC and ADL in California’s Anti-SLAPP law, which provides procedural safeguards for defendants sued for actions arising from the exercise of first amendment rights such as speaking, publishing etc. This is a good theory, but I think his reliance is probably misplaced. It will take more than California’s anti-SLAPP laws to stop the Jews.

    Martin’s project, as described by him, would seem to be another black hole into which millions of donated dollars would be shoveled….just like the IHR? Do we need another IHR? The answer is self-evident: No, we don’t.

    The bigger issue here is not whether Martin’s wife is a Cherokee or who were his grandparents, but whether he is capable of formulating a viable pro-white plan of action. I think that’s very much in doubt.

  6. Burt

    @ Don: But has RM been public about his business plans? Why shouldn’t he think about what he might do with his little pot of money? I would venture to say that he has done more in recent months than MW/IHR. Maybe he can’t formulate a larger plan of action, but he might achieve something worthwhile if he sets it up. And one attempt might inspire another. My sense is that RM is guilty mostly of sloppiness and loose ends. The best advice I can think of is: under-promise, over-deliver, and stay focused. For the short-term I would suggest the following:

    1. Clean up the web site. Put articles on separate pages. Don’t have live sound announcing expired events.
    2. Show movies on the Internet, which would be much easier than having people go to the IHR in California.
    3. Organize a conference. Can he succeed at that? If so, then do more. Again: under-promise, over-deliver.
    4. Having urged against mixed-race marriages, and having made in jest (? I plead agnostic here ?) a remark about his wife being part-Cherokee, now set the record straight. (One thing I have imagined about this is, that if his wife is a bit chubby in the face, it might be hard to argue that she is German-Irish, even though plenty of such people are a bit chubby. So he may be wondering how he can truly prove his point.)
    5. Don’t lose heart. I say this because RM is articulate, knowledgeable, and eager to tell the truth. How great is that? That’s way up there.


  7. Don, imo RM had no “plan” for a corporation, he had ideas floating around in his head. After he got the World View Foundations website going and made himself Director (of what?), he then got into the Andre Anglin & Renegade circle of manifesto writers. Naturally he had to write his own manifesto (which never got past the first two pages afaik) and he got John Friend to join him in a new venture, The American Nationalist Association (whatever that is). It has zero meaning but now is conjoined to the American Nationalist Network. What does this network stand for? He grabs onto whomever he can get to be radio hosts, very much like Voice of Reason was although far inferior to VoR.

    RM seems to me someone who likes to set things up and put himself in charge. Reminds me of Mark Weber who is also in charge of his one-man operation that is called an “institute.” Neither of these men are heading anywhere — there is no “plan” as you concluded yourself.

    And you should care whether his wife is a Cherokee or not since it totally speaks to his credibility.

  8. I also want to bring something else up here, because I don’t want to talk about Rodney Martin again on my radio program. Martin says he is “shocked” and “appalled” that I said I sometimes read bios on WN folks written by the ADL and SPLC for information. Here’s why I do:

    These two websites make sure they get their facts straight about the life and career details of the person they’re writing about. Their attitude toward and conclusions about that person are not what I’m looking for. But I do want to check the facts with other sources.

    On the contrary, Rodney Martin (and some other “Movement” people) not only fails to get facts straight, he purposely adds or omits information as he chooses. He never gives a quote from the actual written or spoken words of, say, me, but just puts it in his own words, or, if he does quote something, he leaves out a good part of the quote. Rodney Martin is therefore unreliable compared to the ADL and SPLC! Test it out for yourself.

  9. First, Carolyn, thank you for defending Glenn Miller from the likes of Rodney Martin. I’d also like to clarify a couple of other things you wrote:

    [i]Gliebe was Wm. Pierce’s choice as successor. He can’t be blamed 100% for not having the character or competence for such job to begin with. Will Williams did not want the job and would not have been good at it either without having his heart and soul in it. Gliebe at least was willing to try.[/i]

    Erich Gliebe was [i]not[/i] appointed by Dr. Pierce to succeed him as National Alliance Chairman. The Alliance board of directors tapped Gliebe within a week or so of Dr. Pierce’s death — too soon. I had recommended to the board that they tap another member. Ambitious EG [i]did[/i] lobby hard for the position and there really wasn’t anyone else pushing to be named Chairman besides Billy Roper, Deputy Membership Coordinator. Billy soon left to form his own organization, which eventually folded, whereupon he joined the KKK as an Identist. So he wouldn’t have been able to carry on Dr. Pierce’s work any better than did Gliebe.

    I didn’t want the job of Chairman at that time. I already didn’t like the direction I saw the Alliance heading in 2002 and resigned before Gliebe was named new Chairman, even before Dr. Pierce died. Dr. Pierce’s last two speeches addressed these growing problems. I started exposing Gliebe’s blunders, his lying and his malfeasance, mostly on VNN forum, in 2003, trying to rally erstwhile Alliance members to mount a legal challenge to Gliebe. I never could get that off the ground for various reasons. By 2007 I’d pretty much given up on that approach but never gave up on trying to unseat Gliebe by any means possible.

    It’s only now that Gliebe has more or less thrown in the towel and abdicated leadership that the time is finally right to reconstitute the National Alliance. That effort was officially launched this morning with Kevin Strom’s new American Dissident Voices broadcast on the 22nd anniversary of the first ADV. That can be heard here: http://nationalvanguard.org/2013/12/american-dissident-voices-renewal/ I also announced the formation of the National Alliance Mark II here: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t443513-48/

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