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Jews as New York Magistrates See Them – Episode 77


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  1. Charles


    I agree with your opening remarks about how Christmas seems to have been taken away. Where I live, too, I noticed the lack of lights hanging over the streets, the aisles of Christmas packaging reduced to one aisle only, the number of hectic Christmas shoppers reduced to near zero except downtown. My mother lives in New Jersey and doesn’t see the same trend, or so she claims. All the stores are packed and every house in her neighborhood has lights in the window and Christmas tree trimmings.

    But, I too, am getting the impression that Christmas is being killed off.

    I saw — and heard — a band of Salvation Army singers on the sidewalk — all of them pretty much non-White — singing Hava Nagila and Dradle, Dradle, Dradle — just recently — where I live.

    Something’s definitely going on. . . . to change the tradition . . . just as the Jews earlier changed the breaking-the-Sabbath laws by operating businesses on Sundays.

  2. Yes, I am thinking that Halloween, and even Thanksgiving, gets bigger treatment. It’s crazy. Plus, the increasing trend to feature weird and non-white, non-male characters in Santa costumes. All the cheapening of the traditions. I’ll call my sister-in-law in another state and see what she has to say. I’m going to talk about this a bit on “Saturday Afternoon” tomorrow. You’re welcome to call in if you like.

    Does anyone else notice the same thing this year?

  3. Tom

    Bob in D.C. gets his “Wolf Wall Street” from his years of association with Tom Metzger(lone-wolf philosophy),not the wolf of wall street jew mentioned in your show.
    LOL spell-check doesn’t like when I don’t capitalize jew.

  4. Thanks Tom. But why the “Wall Street” for Bob?

    It’s kind of interesting to discover that there actually was a jew called “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Not surprising, though.

  5. Charles


    It would make for an interesting discussion, this cheapening, as you term it, of the Christmas holiday, and yes, even Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    Last week, twenty-something young people, mostly White really, wreaked havoc up and down blocks and blocks of my neighborhood, wearing scanty, tight, revealing or sometimes just sloppy and foolish Santa Claus costumes while roaring drunk, whole hoards of these young people, whooping it up, drunkenly shouting Christmas carols like old-timey Irish revelers, and spending lots of money on alcohol while interfering with traffic and terrifying babies. Who organizes this crap? Christmas was warping into Halloween or vice-versa.

    I look forward to listening to your Saturday afternoon radio broadcast on this topic, Carolyn. Something afoul is afoot! You are the first person for my ears to pick up on it. I know we’re not alone in seeing what we’re seeing.

  6. Charles

    P.S. Carolyn, thank you for the invitation. 🙂

  7. Bill Krapek

    Just ordered a turkey and a bûche de noël from Central Market. They had tons of stuff for the “Holiday.”

    And Hanukkah.

    One thing we’ve got over Hitler: once we finally wake up to these functional sociopaths we’ll at least have a place to haul them all off to.

    And build a wall around.

    And blockade with a standing armada.

  8. Tom

    Bob is interested in the Stock Market and enjoys observing trends,making charts,etc. but he’s well aware that it’s the world’s
    largest jew-controlled gambling casino. He’s a good guy.

  9. patthemick

    Why do you use such ancient history all the time?

  10. Two and a half thousand years ago the Jews killed Jesus. Now they have succeeded in killing His memory. Now Jesus is just a joke for anyone below the age of about sixty, a listing in some top twenty of celebrities who will soon fall below some thug like Mandela. I walked through a large mall yesterday packed with Christmas decorations. Not one religious reference in the whole building, not even an angel. Not one Christian carol in the Xmas-muzac pumped out of the loudspeakers. Judao-Christianity is a Jew by any other name. Come the revolution their churches will be burned to the ground.

    ‘Hey evil, reprobate jews’

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