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Andrew Anglin on “The Daily Stormer,” Race and Society


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5 Responses

  1. julian

    Carolyn and Andree, I sincerely think you are Jewish and that is O.K.

  2. To Konrad Rhodes,

    I am sorry, Konrad, but your comment is too long. You need to edit and trim out the excess so it is something that gets to the point. Thanks.

  3. Dear Carolyn and Andre,

    Carolyn I apologize as I re-read that long tedious post. Long winded is an understatement.

    Basically widdled it down to this. Restoring social order will be impossible as long as the majority of White Nationalists, that is men, live in fantasy for the most part when it comes to their fellow White women, have no wives and no children and no common sense even when it comes to our basic differences. Perhaps I am wrong about this? But I really don’t think I am. So much of what I have read in comments reminds me of the skinheads of the ’90’s and what was wrong then. Am I not right in concluding that there is a definite lack of seriousness when it comes to action, a hyper-individualism that is manifest in their loquacity, and a high degree of immature & irrational thinking that comes through in rather utopian statements about what will be and what cannot ever be tolerated? ‘You better hope Jesus or Wotan is coming to save the day with a perfect Aryan bride for you’ is all I shake my head and think sometimes. None of this is to knock CI or Pagans in case anyone did not get the joke. And I am not just saying this is everybody. But I got to point out that at least the skinheads got together in the real world and had some guts to stand up to blacks and mestizos in their areas. Nobody ever stopped and fought back against mud rapists and killers in comment sections!

  4. Donn

    I had little use for Anglin when first I heard him on your show because of, among other things, his professed contempt for freedom of speech. He thinks whites have too much and that we need his permission lest we will say something that will undermine white character. Whites aren’t being exterminated because of too much free speech, but because of too little. The last thing the whites need is another gag rule. We have too many now.

    Now, without anyone’s permission (as far as we know), Anglin launched his own web site and has achieved a commendable and breathtaking success. Since December 2013 until today, Jan 10, 2014, his Alexa ratings have increased every single day. He advanced from 85,000 on December 1, 2013 to 54,736 today, Jan. 10, 2014.

    Hopefully, he will re-assess his views on free speech after his own success in using it so effectively for the cause of white survival.

    He has succeeded with boldness, bluntness and by refusing to moderate his message. With nothing but a few bucks of his own and the strength of his character he has made a powerful mark and struck a powerful blow. He has proven his worth as a leader.

  5. Additionally,
    I wanted to say the same as Donn with regard to the Daily Stormer!
    Awesome! I hope that Andre knows that his work is vital. I have been surprised recently to have heard another person at my work place respond with “anti-semitism” after agreeing with my explanantion and criticism of the usurious system in existence today after a basic explanation of how currency and modern banking came into existence. For the regular people just explaining basic usury and how capitalism is really at root the honoring of usurious contracts and WHO the chief usurers are is really a good strategy. It is always amazing to see their eyes open when you explain it to them. Yes they are those who probably won’t do anything but it still works, like tenderizing meat, and perhaps they will repeat that to another who will take it and run with it?!

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