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The Protocols of Zion and Antisemitism


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  1. Charles

    Thanks, Carolyn, for providing so much good historical information on this afternoon’s program, particularly, your extensive examination of what lies under and over the Protocols of Zion.

    Thanks for helping stopping the Protocols of Zion from being relegated to the backwoods box of superstition, or worse, outright fraud, and extending awareness of it beyond the sloganized thinking most of us have.

    Learning about Frederick Stoddy was a great boon to my knowledge as well as about Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Hitler’s prospective replacement. This was all new good stuff to me and for me.

    Each time I learn how many ways the Germans were killed and destroyed just wrenches at my heart. Your program today gave me more.

    I agree we have to make the word anti-semitism acceptable.

    Something there is about anyone asserting anything real about the “Holocaust” can easily evoke in the White man or woman the response , “Well, you know, don’t you, that all that the word “Holocaust” really means is a code word for anti-German?”

    Such a sentence can come trippingly off the tongue. . . . like a good sound-byte that does have some bite to it.

    I’m proud of you the calm, casual way you addressed the stalker, too. Bravo!

  2. Mike

    Carolyn, you mentioned the other day about how the holoCost-nutters must have some young people maybe the children of holCost survivors to keep the lie going as there are fewer and fewer original survivors. Well, I came across this video from youtube channel IsraelNationalTV, the video Voices of the Holocaust : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCCxoHDa4TY . These people make me sick. I thought it was funny how the guy interviewing didn’t really want to talk to the black guy.

    Many thanks for all your hard work to bring the truth to light, and thanks to Hadding, Tanstaafl and Paul Hickman at the Great WhiteNetwork where the topics covered and the quality of guests and production are second to none 😉

  3. Charles,

    You can read my article on Rudel (one of my most popular; this article has had 44,415 reads on my website – no telling how much elsewhere) here: http://carolynyeager.net/hans-ulrich-rudel-man-who-might-have-been-next-german-f%C3%BChrer
    Hermann Giesler, a good friend of Adolf’s, wrote about Hitler’s choice of Rudel; though even the Fuehrer couldn’t make Rudel stop flying as long as the war was going on. It cost Rudel a leg. You have to read that too. It’s here http://carolynyeager.net/ein-anderer-hitler-hermann-giesler-after-stalingrad, in the 2nd half under “Götterdämmerung at Headquarters.”

    One correction: it’s not to make the word antisemitism acceptable, but to make criticizing Jews and/or Israel wherever it’s warranted acceptable. To not allow them to call simple criticism “antisemitism.” I probably use that word too much, because they do.

    That’s good: Anti-Semitism is a code word for anti-German. That’s very good.

  4. Mike – they are sickening alright. Just think of being totally ruled over by them. It’s enough to make you get busy.

    I think they are sponsored by the Holocaust Education Trust (HET) in Britian – that’s no doubt why they had such a nice turnout there. The “stage manager” on the left said “Holocaust Education Tru …” then stopped himself. It is just all so horrible. I noticed your comment, lol.

  5. Lurker

    Carolyn, good show….

    Herbert Marcuse.

    Frankfurt School.


  6. Yes, and how about Danzig!

  7. Lurker

    Sorry Carolyn, I must have missed that bit.

  8. Repe

    Heinz Schön has done very much research on the case of “Wilhelm Gustloff”. He found out that there were 10 000 on board and over 9000 were drowned with the “Wilhelm Gustloff”.

    There were traitors on board. Or the captain was fooled by the faked radio-depesches and he put the lights of the ship on.

    I have read about this treason from “Der Grosse Wendig”.

  9. Repe


    I don’t know if the Google [Translate] can make this understandable.

    In the comments someone says that Wladimir Putin has awarded a medaille to captain Marinesko for sinking the ships “Steuben” and “Wilhelm Gustloff”. If I remember right, he also declared Marinesko being “The Hero of the Russia”.

  10. From Wikipedia of all places: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Marinesko

    Born in Odessa, Marinesko was the son of a Romanian sailor, Ion Marinescu, and a Ukrainian woman. His father had fled to Russia after beating an officer and settled in Odessa, Russifying his name to Ivan and changing the last letter “u” of his surname to “o”.

    After spending the New Year’s night 1945 in Hanko with a Swedish woman, owner of a restaurant, Marinesko disappeared for several days. It was proposed that he be court-martialed as a deserter, and this could be fatal for him. Moreover, fraternisation between Soviet citizens and foreigners was not allowed. But the commander of the Baltic Fleet Admiral V. F. Tributs realized that in such case the S-13 would not be operational for a long time. Therefore, Marinesko was sent on a new mission to prove his abilities.

    The Wilhelm Gustloff was evacuating civilians and military personnel. Of the nearly 10,000 people on board fleeing the advancing Soviet army on the Eastern Front, there were between 5,400 and 9,400 casualties in the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, making it the single worst maritime disaster in history. [above it said: “recent research showing that over 9,000 died when the ship sank.] … on February 10, Marinesko sank a second German ship with two torpedoes, the Steuben.

    Marinesko was not awarded with the Hero of the Soviet Union title. His commanders refused to trust reports regarding the scale of the hits; in addition, he was deemed a controversial person, “not suitable to be a hero”. Instead, after the hits were confirmed, he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Marinesko felt personally insulted, and when staff officers came to present him the order on his submarine, he gave the order to submerge her.

    On May 31, the battalion commander of the submarine high command submitted a report, which indicated that the “commander of the submarine spends all the time drinking, is not engaged in official duties, and his continued presence in the post is inappropriate.”

    On September 14, 1945, order 01979 was issued by Commissar of the Navy N. G. Kuznetsov, which stated: “For neglect of duty, regular heavy drinking and domestic immorality, the Commander of the Red Submarine S-13, Red Submarine Brigade of the Baltic Fleet, Captain 3rd Rank Marinesko, Alexander Ivanovich, to be dismissed, downgraded in military rank to lieutenant and placed at the disposal of the military council of the same fleet.”

    In 1949, he was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of squandering socialist property and imprisoned from 1949-1951 in Busan.

    Marinesko was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously, in May 1990, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the victory in Europe. At about the same time, a street in St. Petersburg was renamed in his honor. The Submarine Museum in St. Petersburg was named after him,[2] and monuments dedicated to him were erected in Kaliningrad, Kronstadt, and Odessa.

    This beast was what can truly be called an untermenschen — sub-class human who became the mass-murderer of his superiors.

  11. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Wilhelm_Gustloff

    The figures from the research of Heinz Schön make the total lost in the sinking to be about 9,343 total, including about 5,000 children. This would make it the largest loss of life in a single sinking in maritime history.

    Heinz Schön’s more recent research is backed up by estimates made by a different method. The Discovery Channel program Unsolved History undertook a computer analysis of the sinking, using software called maritime EXODUS, which estimated 9,400 dead of over 10,600 on board. This analysis considered the passenger density based on witness reports and a simulation of escape routes and survivability with the timeline of the sinking.

  12. Repe

    I see this must be the work of Mr. Gorbatchov.

  13. John Rees

    Carolyn, in fact things are so simple. To understand “antisemitism”(stupid word, better we all know is “anti-Judaism”) we only have to study Jewish behaviour through all times and not the other way around. The reaction upon that behaviour is anti-Judaism. It is simple as that. All the wonders dissappear. We only reap what we sow. They don’t realize that all our lives are at stake if things “just happen”, haphazardly. We know they don’t, but the Jews do believe “it just happened”. It has all to do with the sickening and twisted idea of “the choosen people” and weird idea of a personal god in the old testament. And a serious lack of self reflection and criticism. So if things don’t happen by accident, then there must be something else. I agree with Ernst Zündel who once in an interview said that he believed in “Karma”, a Sanskrit word meaning “action and the results flowing from action, both in thought as in deed. “What goes rond, comes round”.

    All the best, John (Johan in Dutch, “Rees” speak “Race”

  14. CosplayNazi

    Here is video of the elusive Veronica Kuzniar Clark, take a look at what a freak she is, no wonder she didn’t want to show herself. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6e108p3k2hrjraa/F1HH4vZR2PS.mp4

  15. Here is video of the elusive Veronica Kuzniar Clark, take a look at what a freak she is, no wonder she didn’t want to show herself. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6e108p3k2hrjraa/F1HH4vZR2PS.mp4

    That’s no good. You have to download an executable file to watch that. No way. Should not be needed.

  16. Just click “Watch” in the green box on the top of the page — that’s all I did and the video played.

  17. Alexander (from Flanders)

    The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a very creepy thing. It gave me the chills when I was reading that diabolical piece-of-you-know-what.

    An older guy told me many years ago that if the Protocols are fake, the writer must have been some sort of a prophet or visionary. Those words I will never forget. Not ever.

    I wonder if the same crowd that says the Protocols are fake are saying the same thing about the Frankfurter school. Because there too you have these “guidelines” to destroy and control Western society, and they just happen to be quite similar to the protocols (if I’m not mistaken).

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