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Are we coming apart at the seams?


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  1. RJ

    Carolyn, you gave very good talk, and gave very good defense against aggressive ignorance.

    Margret was wonderful and was very correct, but polite when she replied to John abysmally stating history and LIES against the White race were not important.

    John needs to read and ponder much more our history, as his stance about the holycost was disgusting, because it is the number one reason along with WW 2 and our bondage since.

    Without a Nation you will never have freedom, or a majority good and right people.

    I grew up in one the largest US cities till I was 18, where Whites were pummeled, harassed, beaten, home invaded murdered, while joosish owned media has incited hatred and violence against US by non-White’s.

    LBJ sank US in 1965 with the Gulf of Tonkin lie/Vietnam war, which was extremely costly and culturally. The Rostow brothers “see the Wiki page on them” foisted the importance for US to commit violence and a stupid war in Vietnam. So silver coinage and freedom were gone in 1965, the year of the big lies. Working class Whites were severely and financialy hurt greatly the war, and LOL war on poverty with a one side terrifying race war fully launched on the mostly poor White too.

    Blood libel against Whites in all forms of media, along with promoting self doubt, false shame/guilt, by believing/being taught lies that are for White genocide.

    Douglas MacArthur consulted with JFK personally and couple of times by phone. Douglas MacArthur never consulted Ike in his eight years of selected office either. MacArthur advised JFK from what I have read never to commit ground forces in Asia again.

    Vietnam was to bleed US out in every shape and form possible.

    Margret thank you for bringing up that SOB Ashley Montague “The Nature Of aggression” was promoted heavily by college system back then. Ashley was born with another name of course.

    To me John is ignorant/arrogant and should ponder at least the last 150 years of history.

    The holycost narrative has/is used at a club to beat White’s via savages, give us a police state, P.C. hate speech etc.

    http://www.colorofcrime.com Janet Reno and her boss back in 1995 changed crime report stats to show messycan/messytizo’s as White when they commit crimes.

    Hollywood/NYC media have produced a hundreds of war movies bashing Europe defending it self against the USSR that were preparing to invade Europe.

    “LOL” Yeah I don’t have time to converse with unread inexperienced arrogant blow harts etc.

    Famous Roman general can’t recall his name stated ” A man who does not know his own history is as to live a life of a child ” or close to it.

    War also involves plunder historically.

    Carolyn and Margret were very polite.

  2. I just received an email that:

    Jerzy (George) Ulicki – Rek has been arrested and held in Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre Sydney, NSW.
    On 04.02.2014 he has been transferred to – Bathurst Correctional Centre
    Phone to prison: (02) 6338 3282

    A call to prison to enquire about his wellbeing will let those mongrels know that he is not forgotten.
    Well wish card will cheer him up.
    He is being held under name Jerzy Rek.

    Postal Address
    Jerzy Rek
    Bathurst Correctional Centre
    PO Box 166
    Bathurst NSW 2795

    Facebook page

  3. Dietlef Busch

    Good show Carolyn,I think it is time Rabbi Rodriquez Mordecai returns to his tribe on the reservation. The saying goes, “the people who preach the most about morality are always the ones with the most skeletons in their closet”. The more he accuses people of things that he seems obsessed with, the more one should question HIS motives behind.

    On Jerzy (George) Ulicki – Rek:-
    From Dr Piotr Bein

  4. Are you ready for this readers? I have been sent a message left by Rodney Martin on John de Nugent’s Facebook page. Rodney refers to this program with Margaret and PREDICTIBLY goes directly into his compulsive lying routine, disregarding what I actually said.

    Rodney Martin John, I am not going to rehash all of this. I will say that when people attempt to spin for a 3 time self confessed pedophile, it does not speak well for them. What would you say if the person who abused you said it was all a “frame up”? Finally, Ms. Yeager lied by omission, she said she spoke with the local Newspaper Editor, but she failed to disclose that that “Editor” and entire current Staff was NOT employed at the paper when the false material was printed.** Interestingly some were signed with my name name as having lived in “Porterville” and in fact I did NOT live there at the time.*** The matter is currently being taken up with the new owners. By the way you may want to look at what court documents reveal about Ms. Yeager’s “lifestyle”. It has been posted all over FB.****

    ** I most certainly DID say, in the first half-hour when there were no technical difficulties at all, that Editor Elkin told me that he became editor in May 2013 when the new owners of the paper took over, and that he could not remark on what took place before that. Either RM is deaf, stupid, or is getting his information 3rd hand. Or, of course, he just lies because he likes to lie. Probably all of those four.

    *** Whenever ‘Rod’ uses the word “interesting” it means some dishonesty will follow. He says “some” were signed with Porterville, but I only wrote about ONE of his ‘guest columns’ from Oct. 30, 2007 where it had this line at the bottom: “Rodney Martin is the Tule River tribal administrator. He previously worked in city, state and federal governmental service. Mr. Martin also held Harry S. Truman and LBJ presidential fellowships. He can be reached at mail@rodneymartin.com.” You see that it says nothing about “Porterville” so it is such a stupid thing for him to say.

    And I included only one letter to the editor from March 15, 2007 when he must have lived in Porterville … which is a mute point anyway, and only makes him look completely foolish and “grasping for straws” to even bring it up. He had by then been Tule River Tribe Administrator since August 2006, for 7 months.

    ****”Posted all over FB” … Wow … by his sock-puppet or criminal ally “Larry Simes,” the ‘air force guy’ who probably can be sued for slander if he were a real person, which is doubtful. I understand “Larry” joined FB on 1st February, 2014. ???? How convenient and how did he get up to speed so fast?

  5. Thanks Dietlef, for checking out the info on Jerzy. He’s a good guy, a hard-working holoco$t revisionist, and I hope he gets lots of support.

  6. Nemeth

    “Larry Simes” “USAF Retired” is using a pic of Richard Stephen Ritchie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Stephen_Ritchie

  7. Quoted from Rodney Martin:

    John, I am not going to rehash all of this. I will say that when people attempt to spin for a 3 time self confessed pedophile, it does not speak well for them. What would you say if the person who abused you said it was all a “frame up”?

    This shows again the recklessness to which Margaret Huffstickler referred. Kevin Strom did not confess to pedophilia, and he was not accused of abusing anybody.

    Certain people seem to love to pile on false accusations in a case like this. There are certain things about the case against Strom that we know are NOT true. We know that a licensed professional counselor cleared him of clinical pedophilia and that he was not accused of trying to abuse any child.

    I gather that he did have an emotional attachment to a certain 11-year-old girl that had spent time with him and his family. Kevin Strom says that there were lies about this but I don’t know the extent of it. I just know that the judge didn’t see anything that he had done in that regard that rose to the level of being prosecutable as a crime.

    It’s too bad that Kevin Strom didn’t take the opportunity to be interviewed so that people could listen to him talk about what happened, and both know what his side of the story is and gauge the sincerity in his statements.

    Above all, it’s a shame that he pleaded guilty. I read that he was risking a sentence of 10 years. In practice, given the way things usually work, even with a ten-year sentence he was risking at most an additional year behind bars before being paroled.

  8. I mean, he would have been risking a sentence of 10 years if he had gone to trial instead of pleading guilty.

  9. Fantastic Nemeth! I am convinced that “Larry Simes” is Rodney Martin because everything he writes sounds just the way Rodney writes. I think his phony page should be reported to Facebook and taken down because it contains pornographic images and false accusations against other people, plus he’s using a known person’s picture that he has no right to use. Someone showed me that he had posted my address along with a picture of a house that was not my house!

    “Larry Simes” can only do great damage to what is left of RM’s reputation.

  10. Haha, funny, Tan. That’s a real good turnaround.

    You have to hand it to Jews, though, in that they can really make funny stuff.

  11. Dietlef Busch

    It is against the law and a serious felony to impersonate a military member, just as it is a police officer or other federal or state employees.

  12. People who have Facebook accounts should report this page’s content to FB and ask that it be taken down. I will contact Federal authorities tomorrow to find out what I can, but Richard Stephen Ritchie is retired, so that might make a difference. Still, there is plenty for me to complain about. I’ll also contact an attorney.

  13. The Facebook page of “Larry Simes” has been blocked, but possibly only temporarily. I did file a report with the FBI yesterday, but also many people complained about it, so I can’t say just what accomplished the page take-down. I thank all those who contributed to this success. Simes’ page contained at least one pornographic image directed at me, plus a picture suggesting to be my home (which it wasn’t!), and plenty of over-the-top language and false accusations against me. His whole page was about me!! I do hope the FBI will investigate who was behind it.

    FYI, Rodney Martin was the first “Friend” of Larry Simes on Facebook. Then, Rodney and Christopher John Borsella [Christogianni] wrote comments approving of the slime and lies that ‘Larry Simes’ was posting. [Aha, I will start calling him Larry Slimes.] The part-Arab Dana Roccapriore joined in with a comment too. It has to tell you something, doesn’t it? Borsella and Roccapriore are advocates of the “White Imperium” idea which is totally unworkable, but which Italians seem to particularly like. One can wonder why Martin, the “National-Socialist,” is surrounded by Pan-European Imperium-ists, which also includes another ANN host, David Baillie. Is it because Martin thinks he can be everything to everyone?–a typical politician, but NOT an Adolf Hitler type of politician. I don’t think AH ever used that word for himself — he called himself a revolutionary.

  14. Nemeth

    The FB page is still there, with the picture of Richard Stephen Ritchie that Rodney stole from Wikipedia. Rodney has only diminished himself by these shameful antics.
    Incidentally I found a cached page of one of VKC’s websites from 2007 where she claimed to be part-German and part-Jewish.

  15. Shameful is the right word, Nemeth, but “antics” is too tame. It’s slander and lies, pure and simple, and also filth.

    BTW, can you provide a workable link to that cached page? Thanks.

  16. Nemeth


    There are 3 cached links in the center column. The third one takes you to a cached page from hitlerschristianity.org, 22 April 2007 Scroll up from her highlighted name.

  17. So in 2007, Verohnika Clark was already saying:

    Let it be known that I myself am part-German and part-Jewish, so I would find it reprehensible if you at all try and label me an “anti-Semite” or “racist. I deeply resent those vicious and hateful labels. I have had Jewish and African friends alike. I am interested in the truth alone.

    Great find, Nemeth. It’s very likely she is telling the truth here, not doing a psyop (LOL), and this explains her very well. Although she left out the Polish part. Did she invent that later, or is that the part that’s Jewish?

    VC is “interested in the truth alone,” except that she doesn’t want the truth, but what she decides is the truth.

  18. Dissent

    So, it appears that Rodney Martin who likes to fancy himself as some family values Christian man and who also makes big claims about how perfect and righteous he is is actually just another slime ball who will resort to any tactic.


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