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  1. Franklin Ryckaert

    “Anti-Semitism is in reality anti-parasitism” is a good slogan to be used when accused of anti-Semitism. The debate will then revolve around the question whether Jews are really parasites or not, which can be easily demonstrated if only with the single example of the fraudulous Federal Reserve Bank. Jews have a limited repertory of slogans, we should have the same amount of counter slogans ready .

  2. Like Paul’s point, to stress White sub-tribe cultural, music, & march fests. Good example is world wide Octoberfests, etc. Regardless of the religious cloud, the Ulster Volunteer Force 100th foundation anniversary parades ( fall, 2013 videos )is another fine example. Thousands of Whites on the March. 100% White !!

  3. Lurker

    Just to confirm – Dylan Farrow is an adopted daughter.

  4. Lurker

    Ulster Unionists are bit like South African whites. A group of whites who are unapologetic for their own existence, whatever the issues with Irish Catholics and the historical rights & wrongs of that situation.

  5. Lurker

    What Tan was saying about explicitly white activities – its certainly deployed in politics, most recently with the Tea Party. But it also applies to more peripheral activities. Anything seen as implicitly white must also be undermined as out of touch, dated, ‘wrong’. The Winter Olympics, NASCAR, Formula 1 (hence the importance of Lewis Hamilton).

    The attacks might be quite light hearted and superficial but still there nonetheless. Also passive-aggressive in nature. “Whats wrong with you, can’t take a joke?”

  6. Alexander (from Flanders)

    Very nice to hear that the White Network is making progress.

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