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1914-2014: A Centenary of War, with Richard Edmonds


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  1. JBW

    The ultimate question why the Passion for War leading to the surge of Patriotism at the front end of WWI? The Government’s authorized a lie. Face it and cower, or get a life. Information Technology controlled by governments world wide can push all the right psychological buttons. Governments are the problem and not the solution as the American Constitution infers.

    All literate people need to understand the forces of what Jacques Ellul refers to as technique. Ernst Junger once wrote that technology is the real metaphysics of the twentieth century. The cutting edge of technology controlled by the British Establishment was the means to exercise the propaganda which itself is technique. And the war, as long as the establishment didn’t have to go “over the top” with the patriots of the British Isles, was just an extension of politics (by another means). Those in charge of the technology (money is part of technology, my thesis)are masters of the technological universe. These governments are totally perverted, and suicidal.

    I quote not the bible but Ellul in the real philosophical definition of technology for clarification to all who have ears to hear:” technique is the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given stage
    of development) in every field of human activity.

    We have been lead by a Statist Cabal of Managers herding the real world into a corner via technology as the old system(s) come down. Governance and Management are are in bed with each other, and in the eyes of a homicidal maniac, psychopathic equals, so an MBA was the ticket to success not leadership or what could be considered sound judgement. Sound judgement as been regulated by the Educators to a mental disease. British American (elites) have become technological giants and moral midgets (Gen. Omar Bradley, get the picture?)

    Nice to hear the British accent and correct English Spoken, by both parties. Sorry to hear about your county. Been coming a long time. The multi-cult has been superimposed by the political class over there to destroy what is left of the conservative, upstanding, patriot. We here have been multi-cult longer, and on a different level.


  2. JoshuaF

    1-The Mantra. This is, in short,
    “It is Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians and White Countries for Everybody
    Mass Immigration into white countries and only white countries with enforced Assimilation is White Genocide
    Anti Racist is a code word for anti White”

    It is all about sound and repetition and so taking control of the message and thus taking the message away from the Jews in spite of their control of the media.
    We have to get into practical, non-voting politics. That site tells you how to go about it in a legal, non violent way. It also tells you how to squash self-righteous “Anti-Racist” Whites. Long arguments do not work! Repetition does!

    2. We also need to start to think about Trials and the PUNISHMENT of those responsible for Genocide. The name of the 1948 Convention is “The Convention on the Prevention and PUNISHMENT of the Crime of Genocide”. http://www.hrweb.org/legal/genocide.html
    The punishment can be hanging. As in Saddam Hussein!
    While we are trying to wake our own people up to their own genocide we should be also in my opinion, be talking about PUNISHMENT as well. We need to start demanding Tribunals to try and PUNISH those responsible for promoting White Genocide.
    In the UK the Troop Ship HMS Windrush brought 498 Jamaican Immigrants in 1948. No vote by the British People. Who made that decision?
    You have “Count” (how can a Jew ever become a Count?!) Kalergi-Coudenove saying back in 1925, “We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews.” Who are the “WE”? Angela Merkel in 2010 received the Kalergi-Coudenove Prize and Herman Van Rumpuy got it in 2012. (Services towards wiping out the White Race !)
    They have to be winkled out and tried and punished.
    We need to get the message out that just like the Berlin Wall came down overnight, the time will come when it will be inevitable that a Trillion Dollars will not save the necks of those responsible.
    Before the clean-up of our white countries can occur, we have to deal with severely, and remove those responsible for this disaster.

    Finally. Something that irritated me about an otherwise excellent interview. In case Richard Edmonds reads this and gets interviewed again, the name is “Carolyn” not “Caroline”. The name rhymes with “Gin” as in “Gin and Tonic”. It does not rhyme with “Wine”!

  3. Richard Edmonds

    Thank you, Carolyn, Your points (above) summaries my views very well. Best wishes, Richard Edmonds.

  4. Bag

    Thank you all for more excellent content. I shall listen and learn while I prepare for more activism. White Man March is only the beginning!

  5. truthspeech

    The author whose book called WWII as “The Good War” in its title, Studs Terkel, was a JEW. OF COURSE.

  6. An excellent discussion. One to share and listen to.

  7. Markus

    The Netherlands (including Belgium) were part of Germany until 1648, just as Switzerland was part of Germany until then.

    The Netherlands were furthermore cut in half around 1840-50, when Belgium was separated from Holland.

    The Netherlands, Belgium (and Luxembourg) and Switzerland’s separation from Germany were all beneficial to French and British aggression, just as the occupation of ethic German Alsace-Lorraine and the demilitarization West of the Rhine (the entire West border from the North Sea to Northern Italy).

    I have a Dutch friend, who is for the Netherlands’ reunification with Germany and he said, there are other Dutch nationslists who see themselves as German/Deutsch and who wish to come Heim ins Reich.

    Excellent discussion btw.

  8. Lurker

    The Netherlands, Belgium (and Luxembourg) and Switzerland’s separation from Germany were all beneficial to French and British aggression

    Not disagreeing but you mean later on after 1648? In 1648 the British were in no position to be imposing their will on German states/Switzerland etc.

  9. Alexander (from Flanders)


    Yes, even many Flemish nationalist people (like me) want some kind of unification with Germany. I’m part German/Flemish and I view myself as a Germanic person.

    I do hope that Richard Edmons comes on again. The show seemed only 15 minutes long. It flew by at the speed of light.

    I will give a link to all the military cemeteries in Belgium (both Flemish and Wallonia part of the country). Just scroll down the long list to see the horor of both Worl War 1 and 2. The amount of dead soldiers are listed under DODEN (means “dead”). There are also pictures.


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