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In Defense of National-Socialism


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  1. Carolyn ~ Thank you for taking my call. As mentioned, these are show notes from last November:

    Part I – Jobbick

    [Email to guest “Daniel”]

    Jobbik President Gábor Vona: The real division in the world today is not among religions and cultures…

    “I gave four lectures in several Turkish Universities this month; my hosts and the Turkish people received me with incomprehensible affection, which of course has also been directed towards Jobbik and the entire Hungarian nation.”

    “During my trip, I met politicians and members of Turkey’s business community as well. One of the most remarkable things that happen to me was that people recognized me on the street in Istanbul with the population of 20 million. In the subway a young soccer player came up to me and hugged me. It meant a lot to him that I have come to visit them as a brother.”


    Daniel ~ The above was posted at Glenn’s site. What do you think of “Hungarian Turanism”? I am always suspect of anything he supports.




    “Some Hungarians sought to encourage Pan-Turanianism as a means of uniting Turks and Hungarians against the Slavs and Pan-Slavism.”

    Ármin Vámbéry
    Another kikejew in the woodpile… lol.

    Next: Part II – Putin and Dugin

  2. Notes continued …

    Part II – Putin and Dugin

    Lecture of Aleksandr Dugin in Athens. Institue of International Relations. Eurasian Union and Geopolitics of Russia. April 2013:

    Geopolitics and Multipolarity

    * Sea Power v. Land Power
    * Multi-Polar Eurasian World

    Dugin answers question re: Ukraine at 1:20:00 ….

    “It’s up to Ukraine people to choose … to be in Europe or in Russia!”

    [Source – Golden Dawn site]:
    Top Russian Advisor, Aleksandr Dugin, Communicating With N.G. Michaloliakos Via Letters

    [My comment there]:

    … “Eurasian Alliance” means geopolitical cooperation between certain Asian and European countries, not an alliance of “Eurasian People” …

    Is this something akin to Norman Lowell’s “Europe of the Regions”? It sounds divisive to me.

    I speculate that Dugin does not understand, or will not admit, that the 20th century was NOT the American Century — it was the continuation of an attempted Pax Judaica, facilitated through jewthink lap dogs in Britain and America.

    The prescient German Wilhelm Marrs saw this no later than 1879.


    Alexander Dugin: Eurasia: perspectives of multipolarity & Fourth Political Theory.

    The End Of The Present World Conference, that was held on the 12th October 2013 explored alternative potentialities offered by the declining American unipolar world and the nascent Fourth Political Theory.

    Dugin is associated with likely jew Alain de Benoist.

    The Fourth Political Theory
    Dugin’s website.

    Yevgeny Primakov, kikejew mentor of Alexander Dugin (Putin advisor)

    “Despite Jewish origins (a grave disadvantage in Communist times), and the sudden disappearance of his father, né Finkelstein, in a Stalinist purge…”

    Yevgeny Primakov — Real Jewish Name: Pinchas Finkelstein

    Aleksandr Dugin [& Yevgeny Primakov]

    Dugin was amongst the earliest members of the National Bolshevik Party (NBP) and convinced Eduard Limonov to enter the political arena in 1994. A part of hard-line nationalist NBP members, supported by Dugin split off to form the more right-wing, anti-liberal, anti-left, anti-Kasparov aggressive nationalist organization, National Bolshevik Front.

    After breaking with Limonov, Dugin became close to Yevgeny Primakov and later to Vladimir Putin’s circle. This led to formation of the Eurasia Movement.

    Will Putin allow/invite Chinese into Russian territory???


  3. Markus

    Putin is better than the clowns in the West but worshipping him? Why?

    He is pro-holocaust. He speaks fluent German, his children went to German private school, he was an intelligence operative in Germany and probably knows Merkel and Gauck personally from that time, since both were SED people and now in charge of the hostage republic in Germany.

    If Putin wanted to fill in the blanks in Russia, as Bob said, he could reinvite German settlers, he could resettle the Russian minorities in the Baltics, Moldavia, Khazachstan etc to Russia proper instead of invited Turcics. Most Russians in these areas live there because of the Bolshevik Empire.

    Putin constantly glorifies the Soviet Union and repeats the same WW2 lies, even though he has access to the German and Soviet archives.

    Putin could decree that East-Prussia and Germany’s land administered by Poland be handed over to Berlin again. Putin could sign a unilateral or bilateral peace treaty with Germany.

    Putin is good for the Russians maybe, but even in that respect he is not perfect with his turcophilia.

    Estonians speak a language similiar to Finish. Latvian and Lithuanian speak Baltic languages, another distinct language group in Europe.

    Racially, Baltics are Sumi like the Fins or Swedish and not Slavic. At least, that is what an Estonian told me.

    So, for Germans to get a chunk out of Russia, what is so bad about it? Russia is half of Europe and half of Asia with today 170 million people while Germany today has 90 million (with Austria 100) in a tiny place for so many people. Germans settled in Russia already, especially along the Volga and Crimea.

    Hitler didn’t want to exterminate non-Germans in these lands, but establish a Greater Austrianesque Empire with Germans in charge. Not all of Russia, but mainly the non-Russian Slavic areas.

  4. Dissent

    A lot of this “Putin worship” is people being reactionary. It is a response to the unbelievable decadence in the West. No one in the West with any power whatsoever will stand up to these Jews. No one! Whether it is through words or action, very few will say or do anything about these problems including the Church. Working class everyday White men in the West have no one to turn to. We are all out here waiting for a savior and see nothing in the West except craven opportunists and enemies in leadership.

    Putin at this time *is* going against their interests. We will drop all the conspiracy stuff about controlled opposition and that Putin is secretly working for the Jews and all that and look at what is going on as we see it. At this moment in time he is absolutely going against their interests. I don’t care what he has said or is saying. His actions show us he is an imperfect bulwark against their advancement in completely taking over the world. Who else with any power whatsoever is opposing the New World Order the way Russia is?

    Having said that, we must remember that Putin has not shown us he is the one yet. This is where we must not get sucked in to this reactionary Putin worship even though it is understandable. Sure, a lot of the things he is doing is good but I am not totally on board yet with the idea that he is some type of savior. He just hasn’t done anything yet that makes me believe that.

    Is he opposing Jewish interests around the world? Yes. Is he a bulwark against their advancing New World Order? Yes. Is he a savior of the West? No, I see no evidence of that yet. Way to premature to be claiming that.

  5. This is an email to me from “Dave” that I thought worth posting:

    I dont understand your callers position where he endorsed ‘methodological’ fascism as opposed to doctrinal.

    It is a common notion where it is said Hitler took a mis-step when he allegedly stepped away from the working class and warmed up to the industrialists, after the SA purge. Half-educated people think this is when he ‘caved.’

    Hitler’s revolution was transcendent- the classes were to collaborate, this was the end of class warfare. Hitler took care of the working class- only the Junker noble class saw its position slightly diminished, and this was a good thing. Hitler solved the unemployment situation in about two years, without creating much inflation–this is sticking up for the working man and German families par excellence. Hitler did more for the working class than Lenin, Mao, or Roosevelt, et al, ever did.

    I don’t see how anyone can see Putin as a White nationalist hero–he operates in a vastly different milieu where to move one inch toward Aryanism and away from the nascent Eurasian-ism is an impossibility. I’m not even sure he is a full blood white Russian. I think we are sometimes grasping at straws, we see Putin run circles around Kerry and Obama (and by extension the Jew lobby) and we can’t help but be cheered.

    I still wonder about some wartime decisions–if Japan had invaded the Soviet Union instead of attacking Pearl harbor, etc.

  6. I still wonder about some wartime decisions–if Japan had invaded the Soviet Union instead of attacking Pearl harbor, etc.

    Absolutely, that is what Hitler wanted from the Japanese, but they were unwilling to take it on. Hitler was very unlucky in his allies; they weren’t nearly as smart as he, and he could not order them what to do.

  7. Markus

    Japan could have gotten Siberia and even join forces with China against the Soviets. Japan, like Italy, was busy with building empire before the big problem was solved first. And that is Soviet Union. If the Axis had joined forces at the Ural, the British-American Alliance could not have penetrated the pivotal of history. The Slavs would have gotten a better life under non-usury German occupation or at least enjoy the same basic socialism, Russians enjoyed under Marxism in the Soviet Union without the brutality of the Bolsheviks.

    I can imagine that Asians in the Russian Empire in Siberia would rather in the sphere of influence of Japan or China than Russia, for racial reasons. So Japan could have liberated the Siberian Asians, instead of oppressing their Chinese cousins.

    Hitler solved the class struggle. There was no longer a need to step up explicitly for the working class once financial capitalism was rooted out and real capitalism was controlled by state sanctions. The Left-Right imbalance was solved.

    People who criticize Hitler do not look at coinciding factors. Hitler was a perfectionist. If things weren’t perfect, it wasn’t his fault.

  8. Paul

    I heard one other person say a similar thing once. He said “Japan was supposed to attack Russia from the rear”

    I never got to ask him about a source for this?

  9. Karl

    Alexander Dugin on “White Nationalism” & Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution

    White Nationalist Delusions About Russia

    Putin plans to restore statues of Soviet tyrant and other Communist leaders more than two decades after they were toppled

  10. DC

    You raised some interesting points that are difficult to know the answer to. I enjoyed Bob in DC’s comments too.

    I think you are completely right that the Jews, while have been put in their place in Russia for now, will keep chipping away until they are back in power, so while Russia is looking good right now, Putin’s political faction still need to hold onto power in the long term and faces many challenges ahead.

    I think a lot depends on the leadership style of Putin himself, as even Medvedev, a trusted colleague of the same political faction, was far more agreeable with Washington and they could basically walk all over him.

    The upper hand that Russia has now, I see as a pretty tenacious one, that could easily be reversed at any time. If Putin goes tomorrow, then who could play his role as well as himself?

    As for the white nationalism in the West, Putin is good for Russia and good for the world. Russia is pushing for a multipolar world under international law. As Russia seems likely to play a major role in world affairs at this stage, pro-White groups might be wise to look for a way to work with a system that is fighting against the agenda of Washington without compromising their values.

    Russia will not fight the fight that has to be fought of the formerly White Western Christian world. That is our fight. I think Russia will be willing to help those who help themselves, but we should NOT expect them to save us.

    Russia has already started exerting their influence here in the West. There’s RT, which has wide coverage of topics that Western media won’t touch, but also by taking a more prominent role in world politics Russia exerts their influence, just by being there. Censorship in the Western press is heavy of course, but it is not 100% effective and inevitably the message will slip through now and then, like Putin’s letter to the American people last year.

    This is certainly an opportunity that would not exist if Putin was not in power!

    But of course WN has some serious challenges.

    The traditional White European world is currently so far gone it might be smarter to focus on small pockets of territory before trying to win back entire nations. I’m not even sure it is even realistic to think of our countries as OUR nations at this point as, sadly, they were lost a long time ago.

    The situation in post-WWI Germany was such that National Socialism made sense at the time, but it is not post-WWI Germany any more. We are living in countries that have been to a large degree, become havens of liberal minded, multicultural, egalitarianism.

    I’m not sure what the ethnic mix of Germany was when Hitler came to power, but I would guess it would have been much easier to promote a nationalist, racialist movement back in those days without the brainwashed liberal masses calling you a “racist”.

    Maybe a more under-the-radar strategy that focuses on the positives of European society would stand a greater chance of success in today’s world? More of a White pride movement that represents Europeans and promotes a return to traditional cultural, moral values?

    The expulsion of Jews (at the very least from positions of power) would still be a priority (the Jews would surely understand this), but not an overt part of a political strategy. A sensible policy of separation of ethnic groups could also be a covert policy.

    The benefit of such a movement I suspect is that many more white people would feel comfortable getting on board with, but this is just my 2c.

  11. Markus

    Japan surrendered unconditionally only after the Soviet Union declared war on her in 1945. We are made to believe that the 2 atomic bombs (which were stolen from Germany imo) dropped on Japan were decicive, but that is not so. A two front war with the US, colonial Britain and France in South Asia/Australia AND Soviet Union, which borders Korea and is right next to Japan was too much in the end.

    Japan should have attacked the Soviet Union in 1940/41 instead of the US. What were they thinking attacking the US? There is plenty of oil in Central and North-Eastern Asia and it would have been easy to transport to Korea, which was an integral part of Japan then. What was Japan trying to accomplish? Seize Californian oil fields?

    If Germany (and her European allies, who most suffered from Russian expansion even before Bolshevism: Finland, Baltics, Romania…) and Japan had crushed the Soviet Union first, America would have had no chance to become the Jewish world policeman without the Eurasian über-ally.

  12. Markus

    Putin=Hitler? Hilary Clinton is a liar.

    Here is what Hitler said about his design of the Hakenkreuz-flag:

    Im Rot stehen wir den sozialen Gedanken der Bewegung, im Weiß den nationalistischen, im Schwarz die Mission des Kampfes für den Sieg des arischen Menschen und zugleich mit ihm auch den Sieg des Gedankens der schaffenden Arbeit, die selbst ewig antisemitisch war und antisemitisch sein wird.

    In the red, we see the social thought of the movement, white stands for nationalism, black stands for the mission of the struggle and the victory of Aryan mankind and simultaneously for the thought of productive work, which in itself has been eternally antisemitic and will remain antisemitic in the future.

    Mein Kampf

  13. Dietlef Busch

    Thank you Carolyn (and Bob in DC), enjoyed the show.

    Whether Russia’s Eurasian or Europe’s Eurabian & Eurabia – Euromediterranean – Euromed, same motives and ultimate aim, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” bolshevik melting pot.

    “I still wonder about some wartime decisions”…. me too. I wonder what if the Anglo-Americans would have joined their racial cousins in Germany, instead of supporting the Bolsheviks… Perhaps time will tell, whether the “western man” have learnt to stop back-stabbing each other and unite.

  14. In the red, we see the social thought of the movement, white stands for nationalism, black stands for the mission of the struggle and the victory of Aryan mankind and simultaneously for the thought of productive work, which in itself has been eternally antisemitic and will remain antisemitic in the future.

    A brilliant statement by Hitler: “productive work is eternally antisemitic.” His brilliance continues to amaze and impress. Putin is no match; his thought is not at the level of Hitler’s. And whose is? Hitler stands alone.

  15. Dietlef Busch

    p.s. the image of Adolf Hitler seems “doctored”, he had blue eyes, not brown. It looks like a “freaky (jew created) prison mugshot” image next to Putin IMO Adolf Hitler

  16. That’s a good one! Yes, the one with Putin from google-images I used is not a good picture of Adolf. It’s commonly used. He looks dull, and his eyes look dark, which they weren’t.

  17. ulf

    Communism itself does not adress “working class” at all these days. Within the left, these attitudes are considered “orthodox-marxistic” or “anti-imperialistic” with a derugatory tone. Nowadays it is all about minorities. But this is as malicious as before, and it is a hard time for any kind of left racket to maintain a revolutionary aura when everything is allowed anyway…

  18. Goldstein

    Putin and Dugan, not surprisingly, stand for the old-age Russian tradition of imperialism and race-mixing. Russia never understood the West and never will. Putin is just carrying on this slavic drive towards supreme opressive dictartorship. It’s just very naive of some people to think Putin or Dugan might be pro-White.

  19. Carolyn,

    There were two schools on this issue. One was the outright admirers of Putin who thought he was going to save the white race and then there was the other school who admired his manlyness in doing as much as he did in the situation of Ukraine and embarassing and defeating our awful Jew-fag leaders in the West and promoting religion, but had deep misgivings about Putin and Dugin’s frequent anti-nazi and anti-nationalist statements and most particularly Putin’s use of the Jewish term ‘antisemitism’ and his dismissively abusive use of the term ‘fascist’ and his support for Holocaustianity.

    People are claiming openly and without any evidence whatsover that Putin is standing up to world Jewry forgetting that the change from the old Soviet Communism to the new brand of cultural Marxism was really just a handover by Jew to Jew of a more modernised form of the continuing Judaic dialectic.

    I am concerned that should Svoboda and Right Sector get their act together and expel the Jews, Tartars and Russians that Putin might invade Ukraine to ‘fight nazism and protect minorities.’ That would be a real wound for national socialism, a blow to Ukraine’s hopes for nationalist,racial and religious self-determination and freedom and a threat for the future of the white race beyond those borders.

    So really grateful here for your ‘Supreme Court’ judgement on the case because to my mind the danger of Russian influence giving new impetus to world Jewry at a time when Western Jew-liberalism is beginning to fail, or even attacking us to ‘protect diversity and fight nazism’ when God-willing we take the reins and start expelling the Jews and their imports from our countries, is seriously worrying.

    National Socialism is a complete system in itsef and I cannot see how you can compromise that with embracing aspects of communism or the protection of the ‘rights of racial minorities’ or abandoning other white nationalists to Russia and you certainly cannot associate with those who freely protect, sponsor and perpetuate the lying agenda of and associate with Jews.

    The leaders of our movement will hopefully find a way to better educate us all about what national socialism means in it’s entirety as you are doing in this show so we are not easily led during unexpected events and crisis down pathways to confusion and the destruction of our cause.

    I also feel that at this time were you not holding the reins in the movement(and we do have the core of a movement now) we could have all been blown off course. It is surely a dangerous situation when we currently have only one intellectualy reliable leader.

    The whole point about why it necessary to consistently venerate the Führer is why the religious continually venerate God; so that we don’t forget him “when somebody new comes along.”

  20. Thanks endzog,

    Very well spoken. And I’m flattered.

  21. Dissent

    Endzog. Good post. Really a lot to think about. Especially your idea of Russia becoming the new power base for Jews when the Western world collapses. I never really thought about it like that.

    Your summary was pretty damn good. We have to be careful not to read too much into Putin. While we can certainly agree with much of what he is doing, if he does not embrace anti-Semitism, than he is wasting our time.

  22. Markus

    So, what’s next in this Putin-worship? Praising Churchill because he was a racist against Pakis and praising FDR for upholding segregation?

    Let’s just forget that Putin loves the Soviet Union, hates Hitler and pretends as if Germany was the aggressor by pre-emptively striking Stalin’s greatest onslaught army onto Western Europe (not only Germany) in history.

    I’m really excited about tomorrow’s Andre vs. Carolyn showndown.

  23. Dissent


    Btw yes, Carolyn is becoming our *goto* for clarity on issues. Her speciality is spotting bullshit and calling it out. Very few people have the balls to do it as most people want to get along with everyone and be part of the club.

    I really appreciate her work in the movement.

  24. Dietlef Busch

    Endzog that is very true, I asked many supporters of Putin, if the knew about the “Empty” Cities (built in “European Style” in China and why Russia is The biggest brick in BRICS (BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

    Indonesia and Turkey have been mentioned as candidates for full membership of the BRICS, while Egypt, Iran, Nigeria and Syria have expressed interest in joining BRICS

    No one from the “WN” side, has yet to explain to me, how this is benefiting the “Western Man”, in what way? Are our shops filled with goods imported from these countries, a benefit? As matters stand, the next recession will push the Western economic system over the edge into deflation (worse than Weimar) BRICS and IMF

  25. Carolyn,

    Unfortuatly there are some ego’s that wont back down so I wish you success in trying to straighten this out!

  26. It’s not going to be a “showdown,” Markus, but I’m glad you’re excited. I think it will be good.

  27. ulf

    Putin is attacking anti-semitism and fascism in the (new) ukraine. That is what Euronews is reporting. The anti-fascist attitude is brought up by putin once in a while, so not really a saviour. One does not have to try out every trash-can, but this one smells not much better than all the other gooey.

  28. Alexander (from Flanders)

    I like Russia, but I do not trust Putin. The problem is that our Western politicians are such spineless, cowardly, traitorous vermin that someone like Putin comes across as a decent man. But who knows what he thinks in private. What is his agenda? Who knows…

    The caller was very good. I think I heard him several times on some Renegade Shows. I hope he calls again or comes on as a guest. Interesting dude.

  29. CNMMNC

    It is the sometimes unfortunate of the White race to wrestle with complexities. After all, he has listened to the nefarious jewish quibbling/wrangling in legal, government and Hollywood for years. He/She makes the mistake of micro-analyzing the veins of each leaf and ignores the forest around him.

    The ONE question that needs to be asked publicly as well as personally is simple:

    “Where do you stand on the Jews?”

    Call it a litmus test, call it the lowest common denominator, call it basic and essential.

    Ask it of government, ask it of religions, ask it of financial powers, ask it of media, ask it of all leaders and followers as well. The answer will reveal what you need to know…their allegiances‎ will become plain.

  30. We already know where government, religions, financial powers, media, leaders and followers stand — we don’t need to ask them.

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