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The Murder of Mary Phagan – Part 1

Mary Phagan was a young girl who lived in Atlanta, Georgia. A hundred years ago she was bludgeoned, raped and strangled to death five weeks before her fourteenth birthday in 1913. Leo Frank, a jew from New York who was the superintendent of the National Pencil Company, was indicted and tried the crime. Though Frank

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Misconstruing the Jews

Is the problem in the White mind or in our genes? I think it’s both, but the problem in our mind has arisen more recently and is more easily fixed. Whites aren’t lacking in either competency or courage. What Whites lack is collective self-awareness, and without it we cannot have a proper sense of moral

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Jewish Reaction to the Guilt of Leo Frank – Episode 44

April 25, 2013 A special program on the 100th anniversary of the rape/murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan (pictured right) on April 26, 1913 in Atlanta, Ga. Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager put the emphasis on the Jewish agenda to “overturn the verdict” against Leo Frank in the minds of Americans and people everywhere, and explain

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Comparing the German and Japanese Surrender to the Allies

April 22, 2013 Why didn’t Hitler address the German nation considering its defeat as the Emperor Hirohito did in Japan? Why was Hirohito allowed to live and continue his reign, while Hitler and his party had to be eradicated totally? Why was Japan allowed to keep its industrial capacity and participate in world trade, but

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