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Surprise, Surprise… Musicians You Didn’t Know Were JEW$

November 10, 2012

This show may startle our listeners. As we go through life thinking that our people are doing just fine, we are faced with information that slaps us in the face of reality… and hard! Robert takes us through the music world of ‘seemingly’ everyday White Gentiles singing our favorite songs, and into the Christmas season. And then WHAMO… our people are all of a sudden really JEW$ making millions and millions of dollars. (Pat Benatar – right)

*Jews that seem to be of Italian ancestry;

*Jews singing Christmas songs;

*White, Hispanic or Jewish? Who is and who is not;

*Who has the ‘connections’ to be successful in the music business.

This will shock you and also enlighten you about our society! Have fun.

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11 Responses

  1. MrsLuke2002

    nothing surprising here. I was piqued by your suggestion that your wife was not as “on board” with your Euro views. I am wife, I am Euro, I promote and I represent. I could be a wolf, for all I know. That is how I feel about my German, ethnic heritage! Proud, teeth barred!

  2. Robert

    Mrs Luke:

    I appreciate your passion for your German heritage. My wife seems to be such a traditional individual, that I beleive that if she lived in a communist state, she would support the commies. Whoever is in power, she would feel it proper to support them. But she is getting better each year.

    So many people are merely ‘we need to go along in order to get along.’ That doesn’t make with me. I want to truth. I believe it was Lenin that describes the basic person as a ‘useful idiot.’ They care not what the truth is.

  3. Robert – you were thinking of the B2 bomber, the flying wing. The B1 is the the more conventional looking swing-wing supersonic bomber.

  4. Jew Watch is http://www.jewwatch.com. Dot com not dot org.

  5. Robert

    Thanks Lurker!

  6. Don

    I enjoy yours series and this episode was great. Very informative. I noted how they bring in their children into the entertainment business and systematically exclude goyim. The “entertainment business” is another arm of the Octopus. Your presentation helps fill in the picture of this network and how the cultural dove tails with the political.

  7. Robert

    Thanks brother Don!

  8. It has long been known, that “Charles Darwin” was paid a large sum of gold or silver,by the rothschild ilk, to pen his name or pseudonym, to the pure fabrications known today as “origin of species” and “survival of the fittest”. No one ever believed such jibberish, of course, but it is nonetheless taught in the “public and many private fool systems”, even today!!!

    For Laughs!!!

    Evolutionism in an equation 0 + 0 = Everything!!!

    See, why no one could every even contemplate such jibber jabber, unless they were a rothschild or other alley dog!!!


  9. Robert

    >>Evolutionism in an equation 0 + 0 = Everything!!!<<

    Holy cow… you got me laughing on this one! And how true.

  10. Brit


    I enjoyed the show. I knew all of the people you mentioned were jews. Another rock star that displays all of the typical jewish behaviour is David Lee Roth of Van Halen fame.

  11. Robert Lloyd

    Brit… as you and I know, David Lee is a stereotypical one.

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