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“Why We Are Antisemites” – Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus


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  1. Carl

    What a wonderful contribution! Many thanks, Carolyn, for all your efforts. Hitler’s thinking about Jews is in the vein that David Duke adopts in his book “My Awakening” (e.g. Ch. 15), namely, that the venal and avaricious Jew is on display throughout the Old Testament. Obviously this is a point of contrast with Christian Identity, which says that we ourselves are the Israelites, and that the Jews (Edomites) are impostors. This newly translated speech from your show is something that Mr. Finck will hopefully take up in a program, to show that Hitler suffered from nothing more than a normal historical misunderstanding, which Christian Identity has labored to correct, and that Hitler’s views were consistent with the corrective that Christian Identity seeks to provide. I think most CI research has occurred since the 1940s. At times, of course, excoriations of the Jews in the Bible are quite correct, because what is meant are the Edomites, e.g., the thirty silver pieces. Hopefully Mr. Finck won’t keep us waiting too long, on his site, to address this fascinating contribution to our understanding. And I want you in charge of a History department, when the world is sane!

  2. Carl, I really wish you would take these things up with Mr. Finck on his own site. He has a forum, and also a team-speak “channel.” I know that he doesn’t read this comment section and there is no real relation between Christogenea and The White Network. Mr. Finck and I are personal friends and associates, that’s all. The other parts of your comment are appropriate. Thanks for your appreciative attitude. 🙂

  3. Golden Dawn Party


    that was a great show. You nailed it when you explained that the occupation government in Germany with frontwomen Merkel fears only one thing: a revival of National Socialism or something similar.

    But the more they state their targeted enemies, the more people will wake up and look for the truth, especially when their house of cards does not provide any bribes and handouts for the people anymore. Parties like the NPD and Golden Dawn speak out what most people think and the Marxists and their democratic Allies (the Block parties) all freak out and out themselves as two sides of one coin against Fascism. There is also a growing ReichsGerman movement underway, who proclaim themselves sovereign German citizens under a UN resolution. They are about 500,000 in number, but are mostly at the “Alex Jones” kind of truth level. They also reject National Socialism, buy the holocaust, but other than that have a good idea about the world. These are serious people though, and they sue the BRD at the International Court of Justice etc. Peter Fruehwald, Jo Conrad or Conrebbi (who doesn’t buy the holicaust) are very prominent.

    I also liked your approach to revitalize Anti-Semitism, although I wouldn’t give them the credit for being Semites and prefer Anti-Judaism, as millions of real Semites are brothers of the Aryan heroes and fight the same forces. Anti-Semitism as a term is also too stigmatized. But it’s also shocking to say it…

    To Carl:
    Philisoph and “holocaust-heretic” Horst Maler says, it is the German(ic) people, who are Edom, and the Jews Israel. Edom sold his birth right, but will get it back.
    He goes on that there is a Jewish mindset (Verstand) or intellect, and a German mindset (Vernunft) or reason.

    While the intellect can achieve great things by calculation, it misses the inner voice of reason.

    So, a robber can always calculate how to screw everyone without regret and build an empire thereby. A reasonable person builds an empire by work and good relationships with other nations within or outside of the empire.

    He wrote this letter to B’nai B’reth from prison. Very interesting. He concludes that Juda can always dominate only for a short time, until he destroys and plunders Edoms achievements. Then, Juda needs to clear the scene again and wait until Edom rebuilds a structure which can be infiltrated and usurped.

    Hitler, as Carolyn read today, spoke of this as well, the noble state builder and the ignoble parasite.

    Anyway, Carolyn Salvation Victory!

    P.S. Also check out Europaeische Aktion. This is THE movement in Europe to free the continent and build a Fascist European supra-state in contrast to the current Soviet European Union.

  4. Hey Carl, I am also sure Bill is too busy to hang out and read the comments here, but if I may …

    The faults we see in the Israelites of the Old Testament are often attributed to the “Jews” and thus the Jews are considered the people of the Old Testament. We today, whether cosmotheists or non-Judaic Christians or atheists/agnostics, reel at the thought that those Israelites could be OUR forebears as we look at ourselves as a noble people. But look around, are we truly that noble? Then as now, we are undermined by the trash among our own people, and THAT is where the Jews have us, they are the great amoral panderers f this world. They take advantage of the weak willed and vilest of our own people, and through the immoral ambition of these people amongst our own we are infiltrated and controlled. The Jews are the human equivalent of a virus/cancer. They infiltrate and then replicate in our societies, weakening and then destroying the fabric of our nations, allowing the rest of the worlds races enter in to finish us off. THAT is the lesson we have seen time and again in history, and we see it in the Old Testament. Those people who refute the Bible as a Jewish book miss the whole point of true Christianity, the lesson that it is the fault in ourselves that we are undone time and again.

  5. Sasha

    Carl, just for the record, the Jews are not and were never Hebrews or Israelites. They masquerade as Israel because it suits their false narrative as God’s Chosen. In reality, they are of Edomite/Canaanite/Hittite origin.

    Hitler well understood the concept of community and loving your neighbour, neighbour being a genetic term and not geographical. These are fundamental qualities of real Christianity which is CI.

    Carolyn, thank you for an excellent programme. Hitler’s speeches are replete with answers to today’s problems. Well done!

  6. Nemeth

    This trolling of every thread with CI nonsense is really too much. Can the moderator please ensure that the comments are kept on-topic?

    Thank you Caroline for a superb program. Astonishing how modern the speech sounds nearly 100 years after it was delivered.

  7. Etienne

    I saw the original advert for the speech at the exhibition at the former Reichspartiegelände in Nuremberg some years ago and have wanted to hear it ever since. It would be interesting to hear more about what the source of the text is.

    It was particularly interesting to hear Hitler debating with the communist speaker. We are always told that interruptions to Hitler’s speeches were beaten down by the stormtroopers and that Hitler could not debate, but it turns out not to have been the case, at least in this instance.

  8. I am the moderator for my program pages, Nemeth. I don’t allow trolls. If the comment fits the program, I try to allow a fair representation of views. There are a lot of good White people interested in CI.

    I’m glad you like the program. How can one go wrong with such superb material?! 🙂 One hundred years doesn’t sound like such a long time to me, but yes, it is what we still need to be saying. You bring up something that I would like to go into and that is that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, or our political ideas and approach. I think what Hitler said still applies today and can’t be improved upon … or not much, anyway. What do you think?

  9. Etienne – Hasso Castrup the translator just sent me this:

    Strange that already there are people who question the authenticity of the speech. I found on the official site of Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Historical Institute) in Munich, which is Germany’s most important historical institution (to which Irving was donating some of his findings for ex.), the very issue from 1968 which has the speech in it. I think it would be good to post the link to it together with the English text:

    I’m sure this was not different from other speeches. “Hitler couldn’t debate.” Haha, he did it all the time. More nasty lies from those who can only come up with lies.

  10. Lugh

    There’s no academic sources that says the Jews are “Khazars”. Khazaria was a multicultural kingdom. They had blacks, asians and white-slavic people. The only source for this myth is a Jewish Encyclopedia that states that some Khazarian elite converted.. and also Jews enmass moved to Khazaria at the time of it’s full strength and in it’s hay day was one of the largest meccas of Jewish control. You can look at the academic studies themselves. They say Ashekenazi have something like 5-15% DNA belonging to that sort of stock but they are mostly semetic.
    I would like to see these so-called Academic sources that state that they are not, as I strongly doubt they exist.

  11. Wallace

    There’s no academic sources that says the Jews are “Khazars”. (…) I would like to see these so-called Academic sources that state that they are not, as I strongly doubt they exist.

    Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews

    You’d think the fact that they don’t look ‘Middle Eastern’ (at all) would clue people in!

  12. Wallace

    I’ve been blocked from commenting now have I?


  13. Who says? Not that I know of. I didn’t get a comment from you apart from this one. Was it very long? Sometimes that won’t go through.

  14. Collin

    Hey Carolyn, I’m listening with pleasure youre podcasts,I’m from Romania.
    My little sugestion..it would be great to talk for once in a while about our Heroes from the past like Charles Martel, Vlad Tepes, Queen Izabella..
    Best of Luck!

  15. That is a good idea, Collin. Maybe some brave soul & history buff will propose doing such a program here.

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