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Thoughts on the Jewish Problem and the HoloHoax

Published on March 27, 2013 by in Blog


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  1. kilroy

    The enormity of ‘the Holocaust’ mythos is so great, and the emotional barriers to discussing it rationally are so high, that your average revisionist does not know where to begin. The only way to circumvent this in everyday life is to redefine the word and make incisive observations about it…i.e. “the holocaust is an atrocity propaganda program that has morphed into a new state religion.” Most people are familiar with being decieved by all the atrocity propaganda, fake WMDs and the like that are used today on a regular basis. Most importantly this puts the ‘holocaust re-educator’ immediately on the defensive, as he is being accused of being manipulative. Even asking why post war newsreels featured human soap and lampshades is effective as this is now almost universally admitted to be a fraud. Putting things in the form of a question makes one invulnerable, and puts the one being questioned on the defensive.
    Saying it did not happen or was a hoax etc may be less effective than saying “of course a holocaust happened, as a holocaust happened to all of europe at the time it would be surprising if it had just bypassed the jews”. This is more like spraying wd40 into a rusted mechanism, it can allow the mind to start thinking normally.
    In looking through comment sections it is apparent that there is a burning resentment of the blatantly manipulative way that the holocaust is used, particularly by zionists. Same with the antisemitism line. This is fertile soil for revisionism and it is cultivated by leading people to the right questions. When the jewish thought police are faced with any of them they recoil and are seen for what they are. People begin to laugh at themselves for being afraid of them. One realizes that they are like little witchdoctors with some magic scare words and little bag of tricks. “Antisemitism” is about realizing that you have been had, and feeling a good humoured contempt for the people who would use your human sympathies in that way. When witch doctors loose their power, they tend to disappear on their own, like Rumplestiltskin.
    The dream of a holocaust free world will come as a slow revolution. At the point when revisionism goes from a grim and heroic task to a fun and exiting pastime, we will have all but wonAt this point a lot of gentiles still like to use the words holocaust and antisemite because it is good for their careers, will apparently instantly win many arguments and fills them with an easy sense of moral righteousness. It is palpably becoming more and more tiresome however, not as much fun as pointing out the knee jerk stupidity and hypocrisy of it all. From here it is not much of a stretch to start wondering how real the whole thing was.

  2. John McGhee

    Carolyn – Weber’s ” in- action report” … Amazing how people continue to be taken in by this money grubbing scam artist


  3. John McG -Thanks for keeping me up-to-date. I really ought to talk about IHR again.

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