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Was Hitler Trying to Conquer the World?


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  1. katana

    Thanks Hadding for this podcast.

    Interesting stuff about the Treaty of Versailles and how Germany complied with it in disarming while the allies never did.

    In the second half your reading of the negro mental health problems was also interesting. I would have liked to have heard more though about your experiences with negroes.

    As your first episode at hosting the Heretics Hour, I give your a B+! As demonstrated in The International Jew program you have a great ‘voice’ presence, that reflects confidence.

    I can see that what Carolyn does may not look that difficult, until you try it oneself.

    Thanks again.

  2. Alexander fromFlanders

    Good job Hadding.

    I liked the part about the negro and his behaviour. Very interesting. I wanted to hear more about that subject.

    The first part of the show made me angry. Not because you did a bad job, but because it is so sad that almost no one knows this stuff. Even so called history proffesors are usually unaware of the truth.

    Anyway; keep up the good work, and I can’t wait for another history lesson from teacher Hadding. 🙂

  3. Alexander – I had the feeling I was listening to a teacher too. I believe Hadding’s intention was to get into an Education PhD program. Some people are natural teachers and it can’t be covered up. Hadding is one of them. He would also have been entertaining to his students, so I’m sure very popular because of that. I laughed very often during his program, and that always feels good. Think of all those kids (students) who have really missed out. I hope listeners to The White Network will continue to be taught and entertained together by him.

  4. Matt

    Great podcast Hadding. You have a very relaxed and very clear delivery style. I also found the issues you dealt with extremely interesting. Hope to hear lots more from you!

  5. fnn

    In my opinion, this is better than any of Mark Weber’s podcasts-and, despite everything, he has done some pretty good recordings.

  6. Damn right. About being better than Mark Weber, that is. Weber would not dare talk about Negroes in that way, nor does he do voice impersonations! 🙂 Thanks, fnn.

  7. Karl LaForce

    Good job Hadding.
    White media marches on.

  8. Fred Wilson

    Hadding, good show. Both hours were informative.
    I especially liked the readings from race-wise books, written before WWII.

  9. Jocelyn

    Very well done. Excellent research Hadding!

  10. Unfortunately I let a contradiction slip by.

    I read the Kaiser’s statement from a 1917 newspaper and then I said that it didn’t show up until 1918.

    The important point, though, is that it apparently didn’t make news in 1914 when it was allegedly said.

  11. Diavola

    Hadding you did a wonderful job! I particularly enjoyed the first half – very informative.

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