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Talking holohoax with Jim and Joe Rizoli


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  1. Markus

    Michael Shermer of Skeptics Magazine debated Mark Weber on the holocaust. But instead of debating the issue academically, Shermer belittled revisionism and compared it to pseudo-science and ufology.

    Shermer also debated Kent Hovind on Creation vs Evoltionism and used the same tactics. Both, Weber’s and Hovind’s research didn’t really bother him, and Shermer tried to laugh it all off and socialize with the audience, instead of providing answers. While this worked on Weber, a rather dry character, it didn’t work on Hovind, who has better jokes than Shermer.

    Creationism and questioning the Global Warming hypothesis is always compared to Holocaust denial. Al Gore even said Climate Change deniers are like holocaust deniers. Gore shot himself in the foot, since he is actually right. Both agendas are baseless and only thrive on mixing truth with lies.

  2. Franklin Reykaert

    @ Markus,

    Well, if doubt about some “official” story is compared with “Holocaust denial”, then it is clear who is behind that “official” story : the same people who benefit from the Holocaust Lie. That became clear to me when I saw a TV debate of Benjamin Chertoff of Popular Mechanics with a doubter of the official 9/11 story. Chertoff compared that with “Holocaust denial”. Now what appears? Benjamin Chertoff is a cousin of Michael Chertoff, a Jew and a “dual citizen”, former head of DHS, who was one of the major players in the Jewish False Flag operation of 9/11. These people incriminate themselves with such defense mechanisms.

  3. WWS

    The Rizolis should consider posting vids at TruTube.TV also.

  4. Don

    A good show. I’ve followed these guys for years and what a great team.

    Their experience shows that Jewish power is wide but thin. It can be challenged, here successfully.

  5. Great show! I really did not know of these gentlemen until very recently and it is great to hear more on their experiences and views!
    One point though that I can’t help bring up: You were talking about how Fetzer and Barrett were discussing how Jews in a criminal conspiracy are just the few bad Jews like the few bad Italians in the criminal mafia. Well I think you and the Rizoli brothers answered this rather well but you can also point out the numbers of Jews who are associates of the Italian mob. More than this you can point out that the Jewish Mafia, so-called Russian mob, is far more ruthless, are filthy traders in sex slaves and child pornography, and set up their own courts in Jewish communities in New York and their people, cowards is not a strong enough word, co-conspirators is more accurate, defend them. You also can read about the Chabad criminal mafia of Hasidic rabbinic families who are some of the most disgusting criminals in the U.S. Look at all the Jews who defended the Rubashkin Kosher krooks who destroyed Postville, IA. I was shocked seeing these rat-faced filthy aliens in my own home state! Anyone who wants to say that the Jewish Problem is in any way comparable to the problem of the Mafia has PLENTY of evidence to show that it is far-far greater and includes the majority! not the minority of Jews.

  6. Yes, Konrad, there’s a lot to say about the Jewish mafia; we kind of missed the boat there. It’s pretty outrageous that Fetzer and Frabrizio are using the “Italian Mafia” to compare to “Bad Jews” when the Jewish Mafia is much bigger than the Sicilian one (which may be in large part Jewish too).

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