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How Jews Gained American Liquor Control – Episode 67


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  1. That advertisement spells the entrepreneur’s name two different ways. Very sloppy.

  2. Good call. It does – Clarke and Clark.

    P.S. I tried to leave a comment to the most recent post (9-11) on your linked website but couldn’t do it just as a regular reader with a name, email address and website link.

  3. You can sign in with Google to comment.

    I am not sure but I think if you use Open ID you don’t really have to sign in with anything.

  4. I’m not set up with Google. Okay, I’ll try the “Open ID” again when I get time.

  5. Fred Wilson

    Not just ‘unscrupulous’ business practices, but outright terrorism.
    Like my comment about Dutch Schultz blinding ppl who wouldn’t his sub-standard beer,
    Meyer Lansky was big in the ‘blended’ whiskey thing. He kept chemists under duress until they formulated something close to traditional whiskey. Also, they hijacked much of the pharmaceutical alcohol industry to make bootleg.
    So many jews were in the bootleg business that Lake Erie was known as the jewish lake and the boats on it were called the ‘jewish navy’. Bronfmans built a giant distillery just across the river in Windsor to facilitate the smuggling.
    Ironically, when Canada had its prohibition, the jews smuggled booze the opposite direction. Going from the US into Canada. They had experience in both directions.
    They made oceans of money from bootlegging during prohibition. TIJ fails to mention the use of the money. jews didn’t bury it in the basement, as Italians do. They declared it and bought up many businesses, like theaters , Hollywood, IBP ( Iowa Beef Packers, which gave them a perfect distribution system for bootlegging).
    Theaters have large untraceable cash flow, the perfect vehicle for money laundering and tax evasion. The jews use the money in a compounding fashion.

  6. Fred Wilson

    Forgot to mention that the bootleg money helped to take control of the 3 major networks, build Las Vegas(casinos, another great money laundering facility and tax evasion scheme).
    Prohibition was a great boost to organized crime, especially jews. Just as drugs are, now.

  7. Doyle

    I couldn’t help noticing that in the old whiskey advert the word “Whiskey” is spelled with an E at the end. What I have is “Whisky”, with the E missing. Perhaps like Ford mentioned.. I have “whisky” not “Whiskey”(with an E)
    Keep up the good work Lady and Gents!

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