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Rodney Martin in his own words

Published on February 6, 2014 by in Blog


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  1. Wayne Prante

    Well well well. Looks like another shill has embarked on the great journey of Germanic history. They are easily sniffed out. Good report!

  2. Carolyn, I thought this video would give you a little chuckle 😉


  3. Charles

    Carolyn, I realize now what a true public service you are doing letting people know about the falsity and duplicity of such people as RM, as disheartening as it is to learn about them. It is truly better to know of such predatory people than be unsuspectingly cursed with their company.

  4. Thanks Charles, and Wayne. What can be Martin’s game? That is something I hope we will eventually learn.

  5. I just put it together that Mrs. Jennie Perez, who wrote the letter in the Porterville Recorder that Mr. and Mrs. Day replied to in their two letters, was Rodney Martin’s assistant at the time. The January 2007 interview with Martin in that paper quotes her as saying:

    “Just say he has a plethora of accomplishments, because it’s true,” said Jennie Perez, his assistant. “His accomplishments are so many there is no way to list them all.”

    Hmm, a big fan of her boss. Did Rodney hire her, or bring her with him to the job? I would guess so. It seems that they were of like mind about social issues.

    Another Martin fan named Perez has a lot to say in that article. Perez is a common hispanic name, but could these two be husband and wife?

    Porterville Adult School Superintendent Bob Perez was among those invited to the Dec. 15 public safety ceremony, where those in attendance were updated on the new law enforcement program. It was there he met Martin.

    Perez has been supportive of and involved with the tribe since the 1970s, he said.

    “They have worked for a long time for people on the reservation and southeastern Tulare County as a whole,” Perez said. “A sovereign nation, they are self-sustaining, but continue to reach out beyond the reservation. They are a major contributor socially and economically to their community and outside of it.

    “I’m sure Rod [Martin] will contribute greatly,” Perez said. “I met him and I was very pleased with his knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to the Tribal Council and the reservation community. I think he will be an excellent link to southeastern Tulare County, which includes Porterville, Springville and surrounding areas.”

    On a different note, Someone should ask Martin how long he was serving “Uncle Sam”; when he entered service and when he was discharged. Was it before or after he married? Was it a 10 year stint? And what was his rank and job classification. He said in a mass email sent yesterday that he depended on his military retirement pay to support his family and be free to do the work he is now doing.
    He should not object to answering such basic questions, since he says he has always been fully open about his past.

  6. Dietlef Busch

    Hi Carolyn,
    Perhaps the answer lies with his association with Christopher J. Borsella (C. Marcus Ideus)The Imperian Manifesto, Constantin von Hoffmeister hit the nail on the head in his short essay “Racial Bolshevism”, Norman Lowell, Dr. Pavel Tulaev, Kai Murros, David Duke, Guillaume Faye = Eurasian “new race”
    In his critique of this controversial book, the Swiss “revisionist” scholar Jürgen Graf, now exiled in Russia, writes that Guillaume Faye has permanently discredited himself “in racial nationalist and nationalist circles worthy of the name.”
    How does this fit in to him working with “Uncle Sam”
    MARTIN, RODNEY E (Age 43)

    Associated names:


    God Bless and Take Care!

  7. Tom

    Carolyn,reading what this nit-wit wrote should make it obvious to anyone with half a brain that this guy’s simple a flim-flam artist. He has zero core values. I might add that Perez is not only a common hispanic name but also a common jewish hispanic name.

  8. Tom, here is something that reveals Martin’s mad method: In his email that he sent out after my two articles appeared, he wrote this:

    The current letters and article that is being storied about by one of my detractors were part of that effort in 2007 and 2008.  They were fraudulently submitted to the paper and the paper failed to verify that they were submitted by me, i.e. call [me,] as many papers do today.  They were later pulled.

    There is so much wrong with this. First, “storied about” is inaccurate, since it is exactly what he wrote, simply copied directly from the newspaper and pasted onto my article. Martin’s published writings have existed since 2007 without his ever worrying about them. As such, nothing was ever “pulled,” as he says. Is he associated with Larry Silverstein, using the terminology “pulled?”

    He says the letter and editorial were not his, he didn’t write them. Some “enemies” of his [like the reporter and copy editor who were responsible for the false statement that his wife was an Eastern Cherokee] wrote those things and sent them to the newspaper in his name. In 2007, he says, they didn’t call people to confirm [Oh yes, they did. He’s trying to make out that 2007 was 20-30 years ago!] so once again the newspaper was at fault. That paper is totally incompetent when it comes to Rodney Martin!!

    Well, the thing is, if Jennie Contreras-Perez was his assistant, which she was, and she wrote a letter to the editor followed by a 2nd one to Jim Day in response to Jim Day’s letter about Mexican-Americans continuing to speak Spanish when Americans can’t understand them; following which Pam Day wrote a letter in support of her husband Jim … then it makes total sense that Rodney Martin, who loves to write letters in the public arena, would write his own letter to smooth things over, but also in defense of his assistant Jennie. Yet, here he is saying he did not write it, but an enemy of his wrote it fraudulently. Nope, sorry, it doesn’t fly.

    Now to the editorial “Just say no to extremism” in which he expressed more anti-Hitler and anti-racist, pro-diversity views: How would what was said harm him in the job and in the millieu he was in? It would not, so it could not be the work of enemies. Martin was expressing what he thought would make him look good and probably enjoying his attempt at “creative writing.”

    Thus, we have to conclude that Rodney Martin is lying because he is now in a different millieu and wanting to be seen as having different views. He cannot just say, “I have changed my views,” because he’s already lied and told us he had these views then too. So he’s put himself in a bind, as liars often do. Rodney is not smart enough to be a good liar. As much as he seems to be a compulsive liar, he is still not a good one – one reason being, I think, because he lies spontaneously before he has thought things through. Like a child. Then he gets trapped in his lies. His solution to that is the Jewish one — just keep attacking while complaining that you are being attacked. That is exactly what he does.

  9. Good work exposing Rodney Martin’s lies, Ms. Yeager.

    @ Dietlef Busch
    “Constantin von Hoffmeister” is an anti-NS Communist and philo-Semite, not to mention a weirdo whose main purpose in life seems to be to be so edgy that he belongs nowhere.

  10. Roy

    I thought the jews had Chutzpa!

    To think that Martin was not worried that his past would catch up to him, smacks of jewish arrogance.

    That he believes he can “spin” his way out of this………….

    What is his game? I think now we will never know because of your great investigative work. But I would imagine that his plan was to either divert attention away from something coming; or pull a Veronica Clark and make Nationalists look like idiots.

    All he had to have done was to make public his past. Hell….it wasn’t long ago that I still believed in the jewish fairy tale of the holohoax.

    What will be telling now will be the reaction of people like Spingola. How can she defend this man now?

    Making mistakes is one thing; not owning up to your mistakes is another.

  11. Dietlef Busch

    @ Destroy Zionism, I know of those bunch for at least the last 4 years, Constantin von Hoffmeister currently has a photo of himself in front of a photo of Ilya Ehrenberg on his FB page. Calls Stalin the “Red Hero”. Said it all way back for me and says it all for me presently! As far as the others on the link I provided, the same.

  12. Good comment, Roy. Here is a humorous item from the Rodney Martin archive at the Porterville Recorder from March 30, 2007 — less than 3 months after the interview conducted by Anita Stackhouse-Hite, the black reporter who Rodney accuses of sabotaging the news stories she wrote about pro-White people like he claims to have been then. Rodney told us that she was “fired” for what she did to him (after an investigation) even though her byline continued at the Recorder for at least 2 more years. And now we find that they were both receiving the same award from the newspaper in March, an award I noticed Rodney bragging about on a Sat. Feb. 8 podcast on his network. The news report was titled:

    Recognizing the best of the best

    The Recorder recognized its first group of unsung heroes with a program during the Porterville Chamber of Commerce’s then-new First Friday Coffee event.

    We continued with the First Friday Coffee venue each of the next two years, but last year decided it was time to do something independent of the chamber – something designed solely for the recognition of our Spirit of Freedom Award recipient and his or her accompanying unsung heroes.

    We accomplished that goal Thursday night in the banquet room of El Nuevo II on Prospect Street.

    There, Editor Glen Faison took a few moments to introduce this year’s Spirit of Freedom Award recipient – Elva Beltran – and nine unsung heroes – LaDawn Christenson, Eleanor Foerster, Rich Lambie, Mary Leavitt, Rodney Martin, Rick McIntire, Ruben Olguin, Bob Perez and Anita Stackhouse-Hite.

    Guess they were all friends, after all.

  13. RJ

    Casino’s are a Cancer against any NATION, and a NATION would never allow such filth with all the corruption and ruin it brings.

    The so called injun casino’s across this regime do have a joooish connection in every case or least 99% from my readings over the years, and these gambling hell holes area anti White activist’s centers too.

    Bottom I just do not believe any one who is pro White and love’s his people/Western civilization would have any thing to do with a Casino.

    Casino’s are disgusting cesspools for White distruction.

    I have seen many in my travel’s, but have not gone in to one, but I have seen the changes casino’s have brought to communities afterwards, and it is ugly 360 degrees.

  14. I certainly agree with you, RJ. I have never been in one either! They do not attract me and I feel sad that over-sixty White couples like to go to them — I know some that do. In one case, it’s HER that likes it so much, more than HIM.

  15. Dissent

    Here is something in the last couple of days via one the shows on ANA:

    “Rodney Martin will also be joining us a little later in the program, to add his erudite and expert opinion on the topic of interlopers, hobbyists, and outright imposters in the White advocacy struggle.”

    I still cannot stop laughing about this show description.

  16. Dissent – Yes, it is very funny, an example of the exact “turnaround” of reality they employ … and apparently believe? Thanks for pointing it out because, though I had read it before, it didn’t fully register with me as just how ludicrous it is.

    David Baillie is revealing a subservient side of his male nature in the way he has been deferring to Rodney on his shows — allowing RM to take over and decide direction whenever he wants, and calling him Chairman. Quite a spectacle. Rodney will say, “Just let me take a minute, Gentlemen, to inject something …” and then 10 min. later R. might wrap up his “minute” of going off topic with his own rant.

  17. Dissent

    Carolyn said: “…and calling him Chairman”

    LMAO. I know! I also love when they do the roll call as if anyone gives a flying $%@!. “We are now calling the official meeting of ANA! Is Rodney Martin, Chairman present?

    It is like 3 or 4 men taking themselves way too seriously. It really is hilarious.

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