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The Rodney Martin Question: “Where’s the Evidence?”

Published on February 6, 2014 by in Blog


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3 Responses

  1. Charles

    Good stuff, Carolyn. You are the head of the Number 1 Sleuthing Agency for
    Con-artists and Con-jobbers.

    I think my eyes prefer the formatting here than over at CY. The text colors aren’t so bright and bold here as they are over at CY so my mind can focus better on the important content rather than the bold coloring. Just to say.

    And this article still reminds me, as did your other two on RM — of the commercial from the 1990s where the old lady shouts inside the hamburger restaurant, “Where’s the beef?” It could be updated to say, “Produce the wife, RM! Where’s the wife?”

    How can a lawyer like RM not ever want to rely upon evidence – ever?

  2. I am not sleuthing … yet. I am only stating the obvious.

  3. Charles

    I do get it. Stating the obvious — after you’ve done the questioning and the investigating of the gibberish. Nothing ever is really obvious until you look, observe and then question. Every police detective knows that. Few eye-witnesses ever really see what’s right in front of their face . . . . We assume a lot . . .

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