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The roots of the myth of National-Socialism’s “occult roots”


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Richard Wagner

Published on April 4, 2014 by in Blog

This month’s special program was transcoded from The Best of Wagner. It will be broadcast each Wednesday and Friday starting at 9PM ET, streaming continuously until the next scheduled program.

The Mastersingers of Nuremberg, I: "Overture"
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg, Act III: "Prelude" ( 10:44 )
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg, Act III: "Dance of the Apprentices" ( 16:37 )
Lohengrin, WWV 75, I: "Prelude" ( 19:00 )
Lohengrin, III: "Prelude" ( 27:57 )
The Valkyrie, WWV 86B, III: "The Ride of the Valkyries" ( 30:21 )
The Valkyrie, III: "Magic Fire Music" ( 36:20 )
Parsifal, WWV 111: "Overture" ( 39:52 )
Parsifal, III: "Good Friday Spell" ( 42:02 )
Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes, WWV 49, I: "Overture" ( 46:00 )
Tannhäuser, WWV 70, I: "Overture" ( 51:17 )
The Flying Dutchman, WWV 63, I: "Overture" ( 1:06:22 )
Tristan and Isolde, WWV 90, I: "Prelude" ( 1:16:53 )

Quite imperceptibly the “Creditor of Kings” has become the King of Creeds, and we really cannot take this monarch’s pleading for emancipation as otherwise than uncommonly naïve, seeing that it is much rather we who are shifted into the necessity of fighting for emancipation from the Jews. According to the present constitution of this world, the Jew in truth is already more than emancipate: he rules, and will rule, so long as Money remains the power before which all our doings and our dealings lose their force.

– Richard Wagner, Judaism in Music, 1850

Total runtime: 1:27:38

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Germans, Slavs and Men of Action: Aug. 19 – Sept. 21, 1941 – Episode 5


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Political Fallacies

Concerning the dishonest nature of contemporary political discourse.

The Left-Right fallacy: Divide and conquer, political theater, the Orwellian racial meaning of equality and diversity.

The 50-50 fallacy: A deliberately calculated division, brain versus body.

Armor’s comment on Left and Right:

We know that leftism is encouraged by school and the media. But it doesn’t explain why, now and then, we find a real hard-core leftist in our own families, just like sometimes, some parents are surprised to find that their new born child is a redhead. So, maybe the leftist mindset is partly in the genes. But I think that only few people are real leftists. In the population, there isn’t a regular continuum from right to left with half the people on the right and half of them on the left. Rather, I think most people are conservatives, and a small minority is “leftist”, with a markedly different mindset. I think the real leftists are less than 10% of the population, but it is difficult to tell a natural-born leftist from someone who simply goes along with what the media preaches.

I don’t think that support for immigration can be in the genes of leftist people. There is no reason we cannot find leftists who want to defend the white lower class, and who strongly disagree with the race-replacement program. We need them on our side. A century ago, very few leftists would have agreed with our replacement with non-whites. But race replacement is now the main element in the Jewish political program, and the Jews are the backbone of the institutional left.

Even though the leftists are a minority, it seems that everything in our public political life proceeds from the left. In fact, it is the Jewish media that gets to define everyone else on the political spectrum. So, they classify anyone who stands against race-replacement as right-wing, far-right, nazi, racist, supremacist, evil.

My own opinion is that the right is simply made of normal people with the most common mindset. Opposition to immigration isn’t right-wing, it is a matter of common sense. Being called right-wing is like being called antisemite. It is like firemen being called anti-arsonist. Actually, the problem isn’t anti-arsonism.

I disagree with Bertonneau’s comment on one point: the problem doesn’t exactly come from the left. It comes from the Jewish-dominated FAR-LEFT. And in fact, the far-left doesn’t even belong to the left. The left is supposed to be kind, compassionate, and egalitarian, while the right is supposed to be pragmatic. But the “far-left” that controls the media isn’t compassionate. The Jews don’t care about equality. Their motivation is racial and anti-white.

Just like right-wing voters, most people who vote for the left are ordinary, non-politicized, non-ideological people. I don’t think that voting for the left is in their genes.

Yes. To the extent left/right is biological, it is at best a tendency, a preference. The jews and their racial animus drive the anti-White/pro-non-White agenda.

The “far” fallacy: far-right/racist/nazi is code for White, far-left is code for the jews.

French far-right triumphs in local polls that hammer ruling Socialists, 24 March 2014:

According to preliminary results from the interior ministry, the UMP and allies took 47 percent of the vote nationwide while the Socialist party and allies took 38 percent, and the FN five percent — far higher than its 0.9 percent result in the first round of 2008 municipal polls.

Applauding what she said was “an exceptional vintage for the FN”, Marine Le Pen — head of the anti-immigration, anti-EU party — said the polls marked the “end of the bipolarisation of the political scene”.

Although the FN had been expected to do well, the first round results were far better than expected.

What makes Front National “far-right”?

Le Pen took over the FN leadership in 2011 and set about broadening the appeal of a party regarded as taboo by many voters in light of her father’s repeated convictions for Holocaust denial and inciting racial hatred.

As well as trying to “detoxify” the FN’s image, she has attempted to make it less of a single-issue party by campaigning on unemployment, costs of living and crime.

The “single-issue” is what’s best for the French. This is regarded as toxic by jews and other non-French who are themselves toxic to the French.

The post-racial fallacy: Left vs right increasingly openly revealed as non-White vs White.

U.S. Whites More Solidly Republican in Recent Years, 24 March 2014.

The misleading headline is typical. The most striking feature of Gallup’s graph (attached above) is the stark and consistent racial divide.

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What makes the Slavs tick?


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