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Vincent Reynouard – New and improved video on Oradour-sur-Glane


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  1. For the correct time in various timezones, I use http://www.worldtimeserver.com . So far, they correctly dealt with any DST time shifts, they seem to get the local time from reliable sources (but no guarantee).

    So you might have looked:

    and compared with

    You can put nice watches on an internet site:

    maybe Tan wants to set up something like that.

  2. Good suggestion. I’ve added a Time Zone Calculator link to our Schedule page.

  3. katana

    Vincent and Marie made for an interesting interview. Real revisionists walking the walk. They are people of principle, willing to suffer the consequences of wanting the truth.

    Revisionism needs to be strongly supported because otherwise old lies become set in stone and become the foundation for new lies, laid upon those older ones, allowing the creation of a police state.

    Keep up the effort Vincent and Marie!

  4. Thanks Tan! Thanks Peter!

  5. katana, I totally agree with you about Vincent and Marie. He is the real deal all the way, but life is not easy, so those of us whose life is easy, comparatively, should be helping them financially if at all possible. I will have much to say about this on tonight’s Heretics’ Hour.

  6. The gap between commencement of U.S. Daylight Saving Time and European Summer Time was widened to 19 days when George W. Bush was president, on the premise that this would somehow save energy-consumption. Previously the difference had been about a week.

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