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Upholding Standards Within the Truth Community


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  1. Collin

    Great podcast, especially mentioning Our Hero, Douglas Christie!
    P.S. For all all who are commenting here, remember that most important thing is to do Something, and when someone does this you should appreciate his/her’s efforts…
    Stop talking and just admire an effort of somebody who tries to DO something!

  2. katana

    Charles Krafft portrayed by Public Radio as possible mentally ill and senile because of his purported “antisemitism;”

    The interviewer came across as clueless on the topic, other than accepting of the official li(n)e.

    His insulting suggestion that Charles Krafft might be in need of ‘help’ is indicative of how far and deep jewish brainwashing has reached.

    The comments are overwhelmingly critical of him. I urge all readers to go to the site and post comments in support of Charles.


  3. I agree with you Carolyn, anyone that has not read Mein Kampf must read it and the Murphy translation only. You will really comprehend the genius of Adolf Hitler. Also, you will be blown away at the similarities in Germany that Adolf the Great is relating to the reader, and the state of affairs in America. Basically what the jews did to Germany they are doing to us here in America.

    Let us pray God delivers to American an Adolf Hitler type of man who will oppose these jewish monsters, that have just about destroyed our country, and lead the people from bondage. Either that or the second coming of Christ, a revolution alone without the proper leader is useless.

  4. I have the audio book in segments on my website. Hitler was a genius.

  5. John McGhee

    The James Murphy translation into English was the only one authorized by the Führer for that language. If I’m wrong I’m sure Hadding will put me straight.

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